Pet dental health month kicks off on the 1st of August being a nationwide event to promote the importance of dental care in our pets as it is an essential part of good health.  Dental disease is frequent problem seen in both our pet dogs and cats.


Bacteria, saliva and food debris form a film, called plaque, on the surface of our pets teeth.  If plaque is not mechanically removed (e.g. teeth brushing) it accumulates and results in irritation of the gum margin and inflammation, gingivitis.  If plaque remains on the tooth surface for long enough it mineralises and forms tartar.  Tartar allows a snowball effect to occur as more bacteria and debris attach to the tooth surface exacerbating the problem.  Eventually plaque and tartar build up leads to periodontal disease where the tissues and supporting structures of the tooth are affected. Dental disease also has implications on other organs in the body.  Infection within the mouth can be picked up by the blood stream and carried to organs such as heart, liver and kidneys which can lead to other health problems.

Dental disease can present a number of different clinical signs including bad breathe, pets seeking out softer foods or dramatic increase in appetite,  chewing on a particular side of the mouth, increase salivation, pain associated the mouth, pawing at faces,  and/or a yellow discolouration to a brown crust build up of tartar on the tooth and around gum line.

Dental disease can be a source of misery for our pets which they often deal with for months on end.   As a part of pet dental health month, in the month of August we are offering free dental checks.  These provide clients with appropriate dental care advice tailored to suit your individual pet. 

We want all our furry friends at The Pines Vet to lead healthy and long lives...yearly dentals are just one step in keeping your pet's health at the optimum level.