This big handsome boy is Baxter. He's a German Shepherd X, weighing in at a modest 40kg. 

Months ago, Baxter had his first vet visit with us. He was fearful, anxious, shaking and suspicious. He would not willingly go into the consult room, and did not handle the vet visit well. Life was difficult.

Baxter is lucky enough to have incredible owners. 

Baxter was instantly introduced to a Dog Behaviouralist who visited his house on several occasions and came up with a behavioural plan customised to his needs. His owners noticed a difference within a week!

Months later, Baxter visits us again. He is happy, panting, playing and greeting everyone who walks past. He trots into the consult room with confidence and gives us all a kiss on the way out. Life is changed for both Baxter and his owners!

We cannot recommend behaviourists enough. If you have a pet that struggles with anxiety, aggression, fearfulness or anything please give us a call so we can recommend you onto a behaviourist! These problems have a chance at being fixed with the right work!

The Pines Vet