Deciduous Teeth!

When bringing in your puppy or kitten for a checkup, you may have heard the Vet mention "deciduous teeth". This is a term we use to refer to baby teeth that haven't fallen out yet - even when the adult tooth has come through. In this case, we strongly advise removing these teeth - which is easily done at time of desexing. 

These retained teeth become the perfect environment for bacteria to reside, and plaque to build up. Being so close and compact to the adult tooth, the area in between is where the bacteria begin to linger. This can result in infection or damage of adult teeth. They can also hinder the growth of adult teeth, and push them in the wrong direction. 

An example has been shown in the photo below. This little puppy got his extra teefies removed when he was asleep during desexing - a quick, easy procedure to prevent future problems!

The Pines Vet